About Us

At EuroTech we are proud to offer you our quality rubber vehicle floor mats.

About EuroTech

In our search for a few sets of floor mats for our own trucks we were surprised that finding a good quality floor mat for a reasonable price was not as easy as we first thought.

It took us a trip to Europe to find just the right source, and that is how it all started!

After extensive testing we decided to bring this product to North America, and offer the same great value that we discovered and fell in love with.

Our floor mats are designed to fit your vehicle, are made from a specially formulated rubber compound to ensure a long-lasting product and the mats have a pleasant, very light scent to them!

So, what sets EuroTech rubber floor mats apart from every other product out there? We believe in offering a quality product at a reasonable price, and here is why our floor mats are a good value:

• all of our mats are designed to fit your vehicle, and we are introducing new models on a continuous basis!

• EuroTech floor mats have a proven track record for use in commercial vans and trucks in Europe. We are now offering you mats with the same durability, to fit your truck, van and personal vehicles as well!

• our mats are made from a special rubber compound that has a very light and pleasant aroma. Your vehicle will not smell like a chemical factory after installing EuroTech floor mats.

• where as other brands manufacture their mats with voids on the bottom of the mat, EuroTech mats are solid rubber, all the way through!

• EuroTech mats are re-enforced where needed (accelerator and brake pedal area!) and where applicable have provisions to lock the mat into place to prevent the mat from sliding.

• EuroTech mats are designed with raised edges and a profile that will hold in water, dirt, snow and other debris.

• EuroTech mats will not crack, peel or break and it will stay flexible at deepfreeze temperatures

• cleaning EuroTech floor mats is a breeze, just take ‘m out of your vehicle and rinse off, the smooth surface is easy to clean, more stubborn dirt can be brushed off.

• EuroTech floor mats are produced in Europe, and are certified by the highly regarded German certification bureau of TUV Rheinland with certificate ID0000042491

• We are convinced that you will fall in love with these floor mats like we did!

• We stand behind every set of floor mats that we sell, hence we offer a 5 year warranty